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Susan McBane's personal site  http://www.susanmcbane.com/  - Phone 01254 705487

Anne Wilson's personal site http://www.classicalridingannewilson.com/ - Phone 01234 772401

The Classical Riding Club (Founded by Sylvia Loch) http://www.classicalriding.co.uk/ 

Lesley Skipper's website http://www.blacktent.co.uk/ - Book publishing, Animal and Equestrian Photography

Equine Behaviour Forum http://www.equinebehaviourforum.org.uk/

Riding holidays and instruction in Spain, plus Iberian stud: Viva Iberica http://www.viva-iberica.com/

Equi-Ads monthly magazine http://www.equiads.net/

 Alternative veterinary clinic: Christopher Day,Vet.M.B.,Cert.1AVH, Vet.FF.Hom., M.R.C.V.S.  - Holistic Veterinary care, including homeopathy, herbs, acupuncture. http://www.alternativevet.org/

Sustainable Dressage http://www.sustainabledressage.com/

Horses for Life: online magazine http://www.horsesforlife.com/

Good book websites:

  http://www.halebooks.com/ (J.A. Allen)

  http://www.equibooks.com/ (contains some good titles otherwise out of print)

Equestrian DVDs and music http://www.pferdia.de/

Artist Katie Hough: beautiful bespke equine and pet portraits   www.katiehough.co.uk

Equestrian properties for sale www.horsetraderonline.co.uk/gohtmlist.php?adcat=33

Marketing programs for organisation and management of dressage and riding compatitions  http://www.trackingup.com/ This site is not directly connected to 'Tracking-up - an independent view'.  The similarity in names is coincidental, but we suggest you visit this site if you are involved in the running of equestrian competitions.

Horseytalk: News, views and interviews - see interview with Susan McBane and Anne Wilson - http://www.horseytalk.net/

Pure vegetarian supplements for horses http://www.equimore.co.uk/

Horses and horse boxes for sale and useful horse news site. Primarily UK based http://www.horses-now.co.uk/

Interesting Classical riding site in USAhttp://www.cavalliconnections.com/

Unique horse portraits to commission, capturing the character of your horse, by Andy Hunt  http://www.finehorseportraits.co.uk/

 Blue Chip feed and balancers  http://www.bluechipfeed.com/
Spanish horse stud www.silverbrookeandalusians.com - Sue Taylor